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Love Story Mini-Series!

Love stories. What could be better than a love story? A genuine, romantic, feel-good, love story. Reason #975759457 for why I love my ‘job’ is getting to ask the question “how did you and your fiancé meet?” In a world full of billions of people, two people found each other and fell in love. I find it so intriguing when I get to learn how their paths crossed and how their love story began. One of the ways that I can really bond with my customer is asking questions of how long they’ve known each other, where they met, where’s their honeymoon going to be, etc. But my favorite question to ask is how the proposal happened. Not everyone is creative so its awesome how people come up with the perfect way to propose to their soulmate.

As I was sitting and thinking about all the amazing stories I’ve heard over the past year, I decided that I’m going to do a love story mini-series so that I can share them. They’re too good not to share!! If you have a love story, past or present, please send it to me with a picture of your ring or you and your boo to or through social media.

Our first brave soul to submit her love story is Melissa Eppler. Melissa and her fiancé Mike got engaged recently and her adorable story is below. Enjoy!

“My fiancé Mike and I actually graduated high school together. I was in marching band and he was on the wrestling team so naturally we never said two words to each other. In late 2013 he messaged me on Facebook and asked if I would want to go out sometime. Of course with turning 21 and him offering to pay and pick me up, I said yes. But before we went on that date I asked him to go paintballing and we had fun with that first. He didn't ask me out until January 2014 but it was worth the wait. We've been together for almost 3 years now and he surprised me with a proposal. I was trying surprise him because he just got a new job and wanted to get all his friends together. So I got them all to my house but little did I know that his sister was helping him and he knew all about the party. When he got to my house he was wearing the same t-shirt his sister brought me to wear. I was confused naturally as to why and then the next thing I know, he took that shirt off and had a “Marry Me” one underneath and pulled out the ring. I was in such shock but I said yes! The next day, we left for our trip to Nashville which made the engagement that much more special. Now, we are starting to plan our fairytale wedding for our happily ever after.”

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