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The Perfect Bridal Make-Up

So here it is, the big day! You have everything set up. From the decor, your dress, the rings, your wedding party and now... The makeup. You've browsed through Pinterest, googled until your thumbs were aching, and asked enough people about their opinions. Although honestly, this decision all comes down to YOU! I wanted to talk to you brides about a big decision.. And YES, it is important!

Makeup on your special day influences a lot about your day. Whether it's the photos, how your look will coincide with your dress, or the time of day your wedding will take place...let's be honest, it's something to think about! So let's get down to it. The biggest misconception about makeup for your wedding day is that there are a lot of rules. And hey, I'm here to tell you that there's not! But! I will give some tips and tricks.

Do you prefer the natural look? Perfect! What I would suggest is always doing a full coverage foundation. You can always add back in the natural blush of your cheeks, or have your artist use a Beauty Blender(TM) to sheer out the foundation. Using a full coverage foundation will always even out the skin tone, making sure that no hyper pigmentation, rosacea, or dark spots appear!

My favorite? Sephora Collection Perfection Mist Foundation $28

As for the eyes, I would always do false lashes. False Lashes can make sure that the actual shape of your eyes are still emphasized by the natural lash line. Sometimes HD cameras can lose your eye shape if there's too many colors/details going on in the photo. You can always trim them and go for a natural looking lash. But trust me, that lash band does wonders!

My favorite? KISS Lashes. You can find them at Walmart, $6-$8

If you're going for a more dramatic look, don't be afraid! How you wear your makeup will NOT define you. If you have a preference, honey rock it! I know I will prefer a more dramatic look on my special day! Here are my tips.

If you're going to wear a bold eye, go for it. Whether you want detailed liner, a smokey eye, and some glitter, the decision is yours. However! Make sure it is balanced out. Whatever you smoke out on the top, try to make sure it is smoked out on the lower lash line as well. My favorite smudge brush is from Sephora Collection.

As far as the false lashes go, you might want to stick to a pair that will be more dense toward the lash line. This way, the entire lash isn't covering the beautiful work on your lids.

Thank you so much for reading up on this section of the blog! If you have ANY questions, please to not hesitate to let us know in the comment section below!

Sandra Capaccio , Instagram: _makeupbysandra_

Sephora Color Artist

Sephora University Beauty Class Facilitator

Photo cred: @DressYourFace

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