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End of Summer tips for Fall Brides!

This is always such a bittersweet time of year for many because it’s the sad realization that summer is coming to an end but an exciting feeling about wedding season being in full gear. Wedding vendors are preparing for the busiest time of year as the busy season now takes place September- December for most. With more brides saying “yes” to fall weddings, it’s important to realize that the last month of summer is crucial to your wedding planning!

I always like to think that the first half of summer is for relaxation, fun, and stress-free living while the other half is a completely different story. When August hits, it feels like a “shits getting real” moment and you realize you have a ton of stuff to do before reality (September) rolls around. Whether it’s preparing for a wedding, back to school, or just the knowing that the seasons are about to change again, it’s tough to get back into the normalcy of having a schedule and realizing what day of the week it is.

As we start August, I wanted to give some pointers to brides who are getting married very soon! And I don’t mean to freak you fall brides out but you’re down to double digits depending on what month your wedding is! It’s time to buckle down and get as many of those last minute details finished/completed as you can. I know it’s overwhelming and some stuff can’t be completed just yet, but let’s try to get the big stuff done to relieve some of your wedding planning stress!

1. Pay attention to your tan lines

Okay, so I’m sure you haven’t been paying attention to this little detail all summer because really, who does?! But it’s honestly really important that if you’re trying to get a tan that #1 you’re wearing some sunscreen, and #2 you are wearing a strapless bathing suit top. As a bridal shop owner, there is nothing more depressing than seeing a gorgeous bride in her dress and then seeing her awful tan lines. Please, please, PLEASE wear a strapless bathing suit top so you get the most perfect pictures!!

2. Crunch time on dieting

This is a sensitive subject so I’m going to keep it nice and short! If you are not at the goal weight that you wanted to be at for your wedding, there is still time! Every little bit helps and with the proper dieting and exercise, you will get there (as long as you have realistic goals haha). There are so many bridal boot camps *check a few blog posts back to see our favs* that specifically help brides get ready for their big day. Even cutting out alcohol and sugary drinks can help you get to your goal weight quicker. If you have been putting off dieting, now is the time to really start and stay committed until your wedding!

3. Schedule your Bridal Gown fitting

If your wedding is in the fall, now is the time to contact your bridal shop and get yourself booked for your first fitting. Most bridal shop alterations departments fill up quickly during this month because everyone is trying to get their first fitting appointments in. The sooner you book the appointment the better. Plus, it helps as motivation for point #2!

4. Book final appointments with vendors

Since we are on the subject of booking appointments, it’s important to make sure that all your final appointments with vendors are booked and ready to go. These appointments are crucial to finalizing all the details for your big day and you’ll want to make sure you book them before you forget. It will be a relief to have an in-depth look at what will happen logistically on your wedding day. It’s an exciting time because you are finally going to see all your hard work and planning pay off!

5. Last minute details

The last month of summer is also the time to figure out what last minute things need to be done. Making a list of things to do is always a great idea and it feels so rewarding to cross them off when you’ve completed them. The more you get done before the final weeks of your wedding the better, trust me! Some things to take into consideration the last few months of planning:

  • Did you get your makeup/hair trial done?

  • Did you pick & purchase gifts for your bridal party?

  • Have you received your RSVP’s back yet?

  • Do you have your table settings & centerpieces picked yet?

  • Is your honeymoon booked? (if you’re planning to go right after the wedding)

  • Do you have the items needed for the wedding bathroom baskets for the venue?

  • Do you have the items needed for the welcome bags for the hotel? (if you have a room block)

  • Etc.

Again, I don’t want to scare or overwhelm you but this is your friendly reminder that the final weeks before your wedding are here! Remember that this is an exciting time and all of the planning and stress will DEFINITELY be worth it. Oh and don’t hurt your fiancé before the big day, you kinda need them!

For questions or advice, please comment below!

Love always,


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