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Dress Shopping...May the odds be ever in your favor.

The title of this post sounds terrifying right?! Well the truth is, dress shopping doesn't have to be scary and honestly, it shouldn't be. With the correct mindset and sales team, dress shopping should be one of the best experiences of your life!

A lot of my brides come in to Meadows really nervous and feel like they aren't going to find anything that compliments their body type. My job is to make sure that the bride not only leaves happy but she leaves more confident than she was when she came in. With shows on TV, it makes it hard to get an accurate depiction of what dress shopping is really like. Major concerns that a bride has when dress shopping are:

1) Are there going to be any dresses that fit me?

2) Will I be able to find something in my budget?

3) What if I don't have the overwhelming feeling that this is my dress?

In today's blog post I'm going to tackle these three concerns and hopefully give some insight on how to go into your appointment confident and ready to say YES!

The first concern: are there going to be any dresses that fit me?

This concern is not just for plus size brides, but also for slimmer brides as well. Every girl wants to try on a bridal gown sample and have it fit perfectly like it will on her wedding day but unfortunately that can be rare. When a bridal shop is ordering samples for the store, they have to think realistically and think about the majority of their clientele. If they are in an area that has more curvier brides, it's going to be hard to find smaller sized samples. For slimmer brides, the sample can be too big and the clips can create ripples in the dress that can make it difficult to imagine what it will look like fitted. On the other hand, a curvier bride can run into the issue of trying on a smaller dress and the proportions not fitting right. The great thing about wedding dress shopping though is that there are tons of options. If one dress doesn't fit exactly how you want it to, there are usually others similar to it that can give you a better idea. With the help of clips, pins, extenders, etc. you will definitely be able to at least get an idea of what the dress will look like on you. Also, most stores will have at least a small plus size selection and even if the dress doesn't zip all the way, don't get discouraged.

PS... bridal runs extremely small so don't be alarmed when you are told what size you are in the bridal world!

The second concern: Will I be able to find something in my budget?

With shows like Say Yes to the Dress that have brides coming in with budgets upwards of $3,000 and constant David's Bridal commercials advertising their $99 dress sales, it can be impossible to prepare a budget for your dress. I guarantee that you can find your dream dress for less than $10,000 and you don't have to sacrifice quality. There are plenty of small business bridal boutiques that have many dresses in different price ranges. I have brides come in with all different types of budgets and most of them find everything they are looking and more within that budget! The argument of 'I can't imagine spending over $1,000 on a dress I'm going to wear one day' might have some validity to it but remember, you are going to have pictures from your wedding day forever. It's important to find the dress that you love and not settle on one because it's a lower price.

The third concern: What if I don't have the overwhelming feeling that this is my dress?

Just like every dress is different, so is every bride. Not everyone cries when they find the perfect dress and that's OKAY. Some brides come in with a more practical approach where they use the process of elimination to find the perfect gown. They simply compare each dress to one another until they find the perfect one and sometimes that doesn't end in tears but it ALWAYS ends in happiness!

If you can't picture yourself walking down the aisle to your fiance in a dress than it's not the one. Sometimes a bride has to look at it logically and consider things like comfort, style, and fabric. The way you always know that the dress is the one is if you don't want to take it off. If you are standing in the mirror at the bridal boutique and you don't want to get out of the dress immediately and love the way you look in it, that is a huge sign that that could be your dress. I hate to see a bride pass up on her dream dress because she didn't have the same reaction as a bride who may have cried. With the help of your bridal consultant and entourage, I promise you will find your perfect dress.

Hopefully this post has alleviated some concerns about dress shopping and a bride can go into dress shopping more confident and positive about the situation. I promise you will find your dream dress whether it's at my Meadows Bridal Shop or some other great bridal boutique. For specific questions about dress shopping or if more advice is needed, please comment below or email us at !

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