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Katelyn & BJ

What better way to kick off a new month than with a new love story?! Trust me, you're going to love this one! But first, a little backstory...

I met Katelyn and her wonderful family a few weeks ago when she came to Meadows to try and find her dream dress. She is getting married on December 29, 2018 at Eastlyn Golf Course in Vineland, NJ and is going to look STUNNING in the dress she chose at Meadows. Through dress shopping, we got to talking about her fiance and I, of course, asked about all the juicy details of how they met, their engagement, how long they've been dating, alllllllll the good stuff! I instantly fell in love with their story and decided I just had to share it with as many people as possible. Plus, Katelyn, her sister Jessica, and her mom are truly the nicest people I have ever met so it was my honor to be able to share their story. Enjoy!!

Their Love Story

Katelyn and BJ met through a mutual friend in September of their senior year of high school (2007). BJ’s family was having a crabs and spaghetti party down at their house in Sea Isle, NJ and their mutual friend invited Katelyn to go with her. Katelyn was supposed to be babysitting that night but somehow convinced her sister to cover for her; which her sister still won’t let her live down to this day lol! When Katelyn got to the party there was a huge group of kids about their age who grew up camping with BJ’s family so it was a great time. Everyone hung out all night but honestly, her and BJ didn’t talk much.

A few weeks later, the camping families were taking a trip to Knoebels, PA and her friend invited her again to go with them. This is a trip that BJ and his family would be going on as well and little did Katelyn know, this trip would change everything. In between meeting BJ in Sea Isle and the trip to Knoebels, BJ had broken his ankle so he had to scoot around the amusement park on a scooter. Coincidentally, Katelyn absolutely hates rides so the two were able to get to know one another and they ended up being together the entire trip.

Once they both got back from the trip, BJ wasted no time and asked Katelyn out on their first date which happened to fall on Friday, October 13th. Luckily for them, the date was the complete opposite of bad luck and the rest is history!

The Engagement

Fast forward to the summer of 2017 when Katelyn and BJ decided to take the trip of a lifetime. They rented a Cruise America RV and completed a 34 day road trip along the American West. Before the trip, BJ asked Katelyn’s parents if he could marry her, which they of course answered happily with a YES! Katelyn’s sister, Jessica, helped BJ find the perfect ring for her. He knew he wanted to propose on the trip but wasn’t sure when he was going to do it. He carried the ring around on every hike they went on for 13 days until he found the perfect place: Calf Creek Falls in Escalante National Park.

On the morning of July 10th, they decided to do a six mile hike to Calf Creek Falls so they woke up before the sun rose to get an early (and cool) start before the desert sun became too intense. They were the first people to reach the waterfall in the middle of the desert and it was breathtaking. BJ was pressuring Katelyn to take a picture with him in front of the waterfall so that he would have a nice picture of the two of them to put in his office when he became a dentist. (Adorable right? It gets better!!!) This was so unlike him and he always rolled his eyes when Katelyn asked to take pictures so it came as a shock to her that he was so persistent to take a picture.

Katelyn’s sister took a few pictures and then they turned around to face the waterfall. She felt him fumbling in his back pocket for something and when she went to turn around, he was already on his knee asking her to marry him! She was speechless. Tears immediately started falling down her face and once she caught her breath, she was able to say YES! Her sister was able to capture every moment with her camera which is amazing because she will be able to treasure those pictures and moments forever. Later that night, Katelyn’s parents flew out to meet them which was a huge surprise because her parents knew he was going to propose but didn’t know when he was going to do it. Once they got to the campground, the tears started flowing all over again and the first of many celebrations began!

A couple of days later, BJ surprised Katelyn once again when he had his parents fly in to the Zion National Park, which was another leg of their journey, and celebrated their engagement with them. This trip was literally a trip of a lifetime for them and it will forever be remembered as that!

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