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Royal Wedding: My Super Bowl

On this Saturday, May 19th, I will be sitting in front of the TV at 5A.M. (yes, 5A.M.) to watch the preliminary news coverage for the royal wedding. My inner, younger self is literally having a spaz attack waiting for it to be Saturday so I can see Meghan Markle walk into St. George’s Chapel to her new hubs, Prince Harry. It is every little girls dream to be part of the royal family so to be able to watch another royal wedding is super exciting!

I’m obsessed with weddings. Like, everything about weddings: the attire, the food, the venue, music, invitations, etc. So the fact that this bride to be is an American actress that I used to watch on Suits is equivalent to the Philadelphia Eagles winning the Super Bowl to me. When I read online that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were dating, I nearly had a heart attack because I felt like I knew her since I watched her on TV.

As you can imagine, I’m SO excited to see her dress!! When they first got engaged, a lot of the designers that I work with were sharing their sketches of what they would have her wear and it was really interesting to see all of their ideas:


Customers have been asking me about her dress and my predictions: what type of dress I think she’ll wear or if I think the dress will have lace and bling or be more conservative. In all honestly, I have two different points of view when it comes to Meghan’s dress. There’s the dress I think she’ll wear due to tradition and protocol and then there’s the type of dress I would love to see her in despite having to follow certain guidelines. I took a poll on our Instagram page to get an idea of what everyone else thinks she’ll wear, either an A-Line or Ball-Gown. Over 60 people participated in the poll and 72% thought that she’ll wear a ball gown while 28% thought she’ll be in an A-Line.

My initial thought of what type of dress I think Meghan will wear was a ball gown because when you think royal, I initially think of a ball gown. I also reflected back to Kate Middleton’s dress since that was the most recent royal wedding that I remember. Kate Middleton’s dress was absolutely perfect for her style and it had enough of a modern touch to it that it didn’t look outdated. I loved the lace sleeves and the Victorian inspiration behind the silhouette of the dress. And the nearly nine foot long train was just everything. I think it was beautiful that Kate was able to tie in Princess Diana with her train since Princess Diana was so well known for her extremely long train. I’m predicting that Meghan’s dress will also have some of the same characteristics in her dress that Princess Diana had.

What I think she’ll wear due to tradition:

Contrary to the result of the Instagram post, I’m thinking Meghan’s dress is going to be a lace A-line dress! With either long sleeves or cap-sleeves since she’s getting married in the church and she will have some type of bling on it. I think it’s going to be more modern than Kate’s dress and display more details. I think she will have the traditional veil with the lace appliques on it but I think it will be at cathedral length which is the longer style. Tradition and respect are two huge things for the royal family so I think it will be on the conservative side.

What I would love to see her in:

So if tradition were to be thrown out the window and Meghan could wear whatever she wanted, I would LOVE to see her in a lace fit and flare dress with off-the-shoulder cap sleeves with bling! I think Meghan has the perfect body for this type of dress and it would really show off her curves beautifully. And when I say bling, I don’t mean rhinestones and sequins, I mean crystals that sparkle like crazy even when the light isn’t hitting it. And the train…the train must be a good length. I wouldn’t want it as long as Diana’s or Kate’s but it has to have some distance to it. As far as jewelry, big dangly earrings and a gorgeous diamond necklace would be the perfect combination of class and sparkle. Can you tell I love bling?

All in all, Meghan is going to look stunning on Saturday no matter what she wears. I’m just hoping that she blows me away with her dress and that it’s memorable just like Princess Diana’s and Kate Middleton’s are!

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