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Trends in the World of Bridesmaids

One of the many exciting parts of being engaged is getting to ask your closest gal-pals to be in your bridal party. To be asked to be a bridesmaid is an honor and it shouldn’t be taken lightly! When a bride asks you to be a bridesmaid and you say yes, a lot of fun, excitement, and responsibility comes with that decision.

I have worked with dozens of bridal parties over the years and it is always amazing to watch how excited the bridesmaids are for the bride and how happy they are to have been chosen to be a bridesmaid. One of the first things that a bride has to decide once she has her bridal party picked is the dress. Because there are so many difference body types and shapes, brides often think they have to go with a few different dress styles to make everyone comfortable but bridesmaid’s dresses have come a long way and a lot of dresses now come with “sister” styles that can flatter everyone.

In this blog post I’m going to share some of the biggest trends in the bridesmaids department. Gone are the days of the bright satin dresses that were uncomfortable to look at. Today’s styles are so gorgeous that you can truly wear them again for a different occasion!


When you think of a bridesmaids dress a lot of people think of the horrifying scene from 27 Dresses when she pulls out dresses from all the weddings that she’s been in. It is hilarious to see all the different colors, fabrics, and styles that she had to wear in past weddings and although the movie isn’t real, I’m sure a lot of past bridesmaids can relate to her!

A huge trend right now in fabric for a bridesmaids dress is lace. Lace has made a huge comeback in the bridal world and with so many different types of lace, you can find on that doesn’t look so much like a table cloth. Lace adds a romantic touch to a bridesmaids dress and if the bride is wearing lace as well, it will be beautiful for pictures. Also, there are different ways that lace can be on a dress: you can have a full lace dress or just the bodice can be lace. That way, if you want lace but don’t want to pay the higher price tag for it, you can have a nice mixture of a lace and chiffon.

Speaking of chiffon, this is another great options for bridesmaids. Chiffon is a very lightweight fabric that can be worn during any time of the year. Chiffon bridesmaids dresses usually come in a wide variety of colors which is great for a bride who is unsure of what color she wants. Chiffon is one of those fabrics that everyone looks good in and you can wear it short or long. It is one of the most popular fabrics that brides go with because they know their girls will be comfortable in it and it’s usually less money than if you went with a lace or satin.

Soft Tulle is a really underrated fabric that is starting to become very popular *finally*. It’s a very elegant fabric and is perfect for any formal wedding. Like a chiffon fabric, soft tulle is very light and airy and very complimentary to any body type. I have seen anyone from a size 2 to a size 28 wear a soft tulle dress and look amazing in it. A lot of soft tulle dresses come in limited colors but they are great colors to choose from. One of the popular colors that I sell in soft tulle is called Sandbar which is in the nude family. It’s great for any time of year and can be worn with any skin complexion!

Color Options

With websites like Pinterest it can be really hard to pick a color scheme you want to go with because everything looks amazing on Pinterest! Some brides opt for all her girls in one color while other brides may want them all in the same dress just a different shade of the color. It all depends on what style and finished look the bride wants. She is going to have the professional photos forever so it can be a daunting task to pick a theme she wants to go with.

The first color trend for bridesmaid’s dresses is that all the girls are in the same color. This trend has been around for as long as weddings have been happening because it is very easy to achieve and looks great in pictures. Some argue that by all the girls being in one color, the bride will stand out more. Popular colors depend on the time of year but the colors that I’m seeing no matter what season it is are navy, black, and charcoal gray. The popular colors for each season are as follows:

  • Fall – Cranberry, Eggplant, Bordeaux (deep purple), Wine, Navy, Black, Charcoal Gray

  • Winter – Red, Crimson, Burgundy, Emerald Green, Hunter Green, Gold, Black, Charcoal Gray

  • Spring – Light blues, Blush pink, Lilac, Seafoam green, Sage, Floral

  • Summer – Coral, Grapefruit, RoseGold sequin, Peach, Navy, Silver

On the other hand, when a bride wants everyone in the same color scheme it can create a beautiful picture too. For example, I’ve had brides wanting the “ombre” look where the color starts really dark and by the last girl, the color is light (or vice versa). I’ve had brides do this with a beautiful purple color where they started with an eggplant shade (dark) and ended with a lilac or a light gray that had purple hues to it. Another popular trend I’ve had some brides go with is two girls in one color, two in a lighter version or the color, and one in a sequin dress. It depends on how many girls you have in the bridal party and what shade is going to look best on which girl.

Some brides picture all of her girls in the same dress and same color while other brides tell her girls to go out and get any dress they want as long as it’s in a certain color scheme. Personally, I find it is harder for bridesmaids to choose a dress when the bride tells them they can wear what they want because they are worried that the bride won’t like what they choose. The easiest approach a bride can take when she wants everyone in something different is to honestly just pick it for them. This way, the bridesmaids don’t get confused and the bride doesn’t get annoyed with the process.

As with everything else, trends are constantly changing which makes things super fun and exciting! I hope this post has given some ideas and insight on bridesmaids dress shopping and helps to narrow down some ideas. Please comment any questions you may have, I’d be happy to help!

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